VAT ID Validation in SAP®

VAT ID Validation in SAP®

Certified SAP Partner

SAP Silver Partner
SAP certified

Rely on the Master Data Scout Solution

Tax exemption for intra-community supplies in the EU
Online check directly in SAP ERP ECC6 or S4/HANA
Process support for negative VAT ID check
Comprises the quick fixes of the Value Added Tax Act effective 01 Jan 2020
SAP add-on from Germany
Checks the sales tax ID (VAT ID) of business partners for Germany, Austria and the EU as to compliance with the legal provisions
Further customer VAT IDs can be checked using various checking methods: individual, bulk, and online
Customer-specific settings
Audit-proof documentation in SAP
SAP certified solution
Checks the master record creation and maintenance
Checks relevant transaction data such as delivery or billing document
Locking available through product customization
Configurable automatic locking upon negative check
Mass data check including monitoring

SAP Add-on – easily integrated

  • The product comes with manual and installation guide, as well as the rental license.
  • Step-by-step installation instructions for the SAP transport
  • The product comes ready-to-use with out-of-the-box default settings
  • The add-on is developed in the SAP protected namespace and can be easily installed
  • Our solution is already in use by more than 100 customers

Documents included:

  • PDF: VAT ID Check Functional Description
  • PDF: VAT ID Check Maintenance & Updating

The products use public interfaces of the tax authorities. When purchasing the software, no rights beyond its use are acquired. Purchasers of the software must fulfill the conditions of use of the interface themselves. The maintenance of the solution is included in the annual license fee. We also provide access to our ticket system if you run into any trouble. Product extensions are free of charge. Support and product development take place in Germany. Communication is in German or English.

License costs

No of master dataup to 5,000up to 10,000up to 25,000up to 50,000
Product S M L XL
VAT ID Validation€ 1,500€ 2,000€ 2,500€ 3,000

The entry-level “S” product costs only € 1,500 per year (excluding VAT), including maintenance (bug fixes and products patches).

You also receive access to our ticket system for ordering (optional) services.

Our Terms & Conditions are accepted upon purchase.

You have larger amount of master data? We will gladly assist you with this.


FAQ: Key Date, Quick Fixes, MasterDataScout

1 January 2020 was the deadline for the coming into force of the ‘Quick Fixes’, i.e. the EU VAT reform. What is the aim of the reform? What exactly do the Quick Fixes achieve? And how does MasterDataScout help you to maintain legal compliance?

1. What changed on 1 January 2020?

The European Commission has stipulated by law that suppliers must check the VAT identification number for all business transactions within the EU. The transaction can be completed only if the result of the check is positive.

The check takes place primarily via the interface of the European Union. Under EU law, a simple check of the VAT ID is sufficient. Moreover, German law calls for the matching of further data, such as company name or address data. This so-called qualified check is done in addition, via the interface of the Federal Central Tax Office. The results are then compared via the EU interface.

2. What are the Quick Fixes?

The legal changes known as ‘Quick Fixes’ were originally supposed to take effect on 1 January 2019, but delays occurred. In order to solve urgent problems of practice, the European Commission has implemented first changes – so-called ‘Quick Fixes’ – which will take effect on 1 January 2020 and affect the following transactions:

Intra-Community Supply (Section 4 No. 1b German Tax and Fiscal Law)

This amendment denies tax exemption for an intra-community supply from 1 January 2020 if the supplying trader has not, not fully, or not correctly fulfilled his obligation to submit the summarized statement. Furthermore, an entrepreneur who subsequently recognizes that the reported summarized statement is not correct must correct this statement.

Intra-Community Spending & Consignment Stock (Section 6b German Tax and Fiscal Law)

Until now, consignment stock has not been regulated in the sales tax law. The newly created Section 6b of the German Tax and Fiscal Law changes this. It determines when consignment stock is to be assumed. An object is transported from one member state to another member state (cross-border intra-community spending) with the purpose of being sold in the member state of arrival only after it has been transported there.

Chain Transactions (Section 3 paragraph 6a German Tax and Fiscal Law)

Chain or series transactions are several consecutive supplies of goods, wherein the same items being dispatched or transported from one member state to another member state directly from the first supplier to the last customer in the row, thereby creating a single intra-community transport.

3. How does MasterDataScout’s VAT ID verification ensure legal compliance?

For your company to comply with the legal requirements of the EU and Germany, the VAT ID review of MasterDataScout uses all data relevant to the various operations and automatically balances it.

Within Germany, the initial matching takes place via the interface of the German Federal Central Tax Office. If this test results in one or more errors, the software automatically queries the correct data via the EU interface. Now the user decides manually whether the EU data should be transferred to the company’s master database. In Austria, a simple comparison of the VAT ID is carried out via the interface of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

If the data has been transferred, MasterDataScout’s VAT ID Check documents this process including the check results of the check in an audit-proof manner.

The VAT ID Check currently supports these interfaces:

  • EU interface for VAT ID only (simple check)
  • Federal Central Tax Office (Germany, qualified check)
  • Federal Ministry of Finance (Austria, simple check)

Putting into operation

  • Upon ordering, you receive SAP Transports including product handbook and installation guide
  • Installation according to the instructions
  • Documentation of the installation
  • Test system check
  • Go-Live!

Optional Services

  • Support – we will gladly support you with the product installation
  • Customizing – do you need individual settings?
  • Workshop / key-user training

Optional services are available at a hourly rate of € 180. A remote training (two hours) is available for € 800.

Technical notes

The software was created in ISO’s own namespace /ISO/ to ensure an optimal integration with the SAP systems.

The SAP add-on is available in German and English (default). If additional language packages are used in the SAP system, the customer can translate the product-specific fields.

Software requirements

The VAT ID Validation is an add-on software package for the SAP ERP System. The customer requires at least an SAP® ECC 6.0 on a NetWeaver 7.02 and EHP 5.

Note: Requests as to extension are not included and will be charged additionally.

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